Village of Catlin, Illinois
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Village Council


The Village of Catlin is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services:

A. Police Protection
B.  Water and Sewer Service
C.  Street Maintenance

The Village of Catlin has certain functional subdivisions which are shown on Table 1 attached hereto.  The approximate amount of the operating budget of the Village of Catlin is $1,111,442.00.  The Village’s main office is located at 109 S Sandusky in Catlin.  The Police Department office is located at 109 S. Sandusky in Catlin, the Street Department maintenance building is located at 108 W Commercial and the Water/Sewer Department is located on N Westwood Dr.  The Village currently employs approximately 4 full and 14 part-time employees.  The members of the council and committees of the Village of Catlin are as follows:

Village Council

Justin Bargo, Mayor
Jamie Ridge, Commissioner
Kevin Kirk, Commissioner
Wanda Schmit , Commissioner
Fred Rinehart, Commissioner

Zoning Board of Appeals

Sue Ownbey
Brian Darnell
Jim Chandler
David Ives
Joyce Miles
Denis Schmit, Chair
Seth Smoot

Planning Commission

Jeff Fauver, Chair
Robert Bolton
John Cast
Terry Dolan

Denis Schmit

Darla O’Shaughnessy
Brian Darnell

City Information